The Network Science Institute (NetSI) at Northeastern University is a multi-disciplinary research community supporting innovative research and training in network science. The broadband wireless systems graduate certificate program focuses on the fundamentals of wireless communications, IP networks and protocols, and telecommunications infrastructure as preparation … Overview. The Multidisciplinary Master’s Co-op program is for students pursuing MS degrees in Cyber-Physical Systems, Data Architecture and Management, Information Systems, Software Engineering Systems, and Telecommunication Networks… In Northeastern’s Master of Science in Information Systems, you will embark on an IT leadership pathway as a more-evolved, dynamic software engineer. The program combines computing and important application … Northeastern already houses a state-of-the-art drone-testing facility, where researchers use an array of antennas and radios to create complicated environments full of wireless signals that could be used to disrupt drones. Northeastern University’s Master of Science in Computer Science is designed to prepare students for a variety of careers in computer science. 6 were here. Northeastern's signature experience-powered learning model has been at the heart of the university for more than a century. At Northeastern, the Master of Science, MS, degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering can be pursued full-time or part-time. ... A graduate degree or certificate from Northeastern—a top-50 university… Learn to Manage Complex Telecom Projects. Master of Science in Data Architecture and Management; ... PlusOne with MS in Telecommunication Networks / Academics & Experiential Learning / Academic Departments ... Northeastern University … Master’s students can select from seven concentrations (listed … The Master of Science in Telecommunication Systems Management degree is … The Multidisciplinary Master of Science (MS) programs integrate engineering solutions from the fields of technology and business by developing technical and engineering skills through advanced course work and complex technical projects in the areas of software, data, and network … “Bringing Colosseum to Northeastern is a testament to the university… It combines world-class academics with professional practice, allowing you to … The Master of Science in Telecommunication at Boston University’s Metropolitan College (MET) is designed to integrate knowledge of the computer science, engineering, managerial, and legal aspects of networking and telecommunications.

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